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At the business meeting of the CAJO 2011 conference in The Bahamas, the CAJO Constitution was formally adopted by the Association’s members.  After serving as CAJO’s Interim Chairman since the association’s inauguration in 2009, The Hon. Mr. Justice Saunders was re-elected as Chairman of the Association. Ten (10) judicial officers from across the Caribbean region were elected to comprise, with the chairman, the Management Committee of CAJO.

Executive Member Country
Adrian Saunders – Judge; CAJO Chairman Trinidad and Tobago
Charmaine Pemberton – Judge; CAJO Deputy Chairman Trinidad and Tobago
Yonette Cummings-Chief Justice Guyana
Christopher Blackman-Judge Belize
Nicole Simmons-Judge Jamaica
Simone Wolfe-Reece- Resident Magistrate Jamaica
Camille Darville-Gomez-Judge The Bahamas
Country Representatives Country

Evert Jan van de Poel – Judge

Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
Charles-Etta Simmons-Judge Bermuda
Francis Belle – Judge OECS
Sandra Nanhoe-Gangadin Suriname
Sonya Young – Judge Belize
Barbara Cooke Alleyne – Registrar Barbados
Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds Trinidad and Tobago


This committee is responsible for setting into motion the plans and activities of CAJO.