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As we produce this edition of CAJO NEWS, excitement is building over the
upcoming Conference in Curacao, our first in the Dutch Antilles. The topics of the
various sessions featured on the programme fully reflect the conference theme –
prominent space to the Conference programme in these pages along with a brief
article on the superb effort being made by the Antillean judiciary to welcome us in

This edition also gives great insights into what CAJO has been up to over the last
several months. Chief among these has been our collaboration with UN Women
and JURIST in preparing draft Gender Sensitive Protocols for judicial officers.
Gender sensitivity means that when we sit as judicial officers it is our supreme
obligation to interpret and enforce the law and the Constitution in ways that
promote the full elimination of all forms of discrimination against women with a
view to achieving women’s equality with men in the enjoyment of their human
rights and fundamental freedoms. Gender sensitivity also involves being aware of
and sensitive to the ways people think about gender. It requires us to consider all
the many ways in which we demonstrate gender insensitivity by relying on
assumptions about traditional and outdated views on the roles of men and women.
A Gender Protocol for judicial officers goes a long way to meeting these obligations
and CAJO is naturally proud to be in the vanguard of these efforts.

The other event of which CAJO is justly proud is our Haiti Relief Sponsored event.
Organised in Belize by Justice Sonya Young and in Trinidad and Tobago by Justice
of Appeal Charmaine Pemberton, the walk was held in both countries
simultaneously on 3rd December 2016. The chief benefit the combined events
yielded was more than just the modest sums raised to help the people of Haiti. In
each country, led by their respective Chief Justice, judges, magistrates, lawyers and
the general public turned out in significant numbers simply to have fun together.
In this edition we also mark the fiftieth Anniversary of the founding of the Eastern
Caribbean Supreme Court. The ECSC, currently led by Dame Janice Pereira, has the
unique distinction of serving six different independent States and three British
Overseas Territories. CAJO salutes Dame Pereira and the ECSC on this auspicious

Happy reading, all!